Albatros XL Foto: stadsfotograaf Gent
This 43-metre long tram offers space to more than 300 passengers per tram. There is standing room for 250 and 67 seats. It has a low floor and is up to 35 % more efficient not only because it can transport more people than other trams, but also uses up to 35 % less power.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

Albatros XL



Design Yellow Window 

                Enthoven Design


Company De Lijn


Various materials 

43 m

The tram has a pleasant, spacious feel to it with short aisles and large windows, and offers passengers air conditioning and information on screens. Fitted with fold-up seats, handrails, straps and stop request buttons, it can easily be adjusted to various numbers of users over the course of the day.

The tram is innovative, timeless and fits well with the current fleet of trams. It is an impressive vehicle whose ‘soft front’ guarantees the safety of passengers, both thanks to the shape of the nose and the particularly large windscreen for the driver. The Albatros XL has been in operation since this past summer in Ghent, and in Antwerp since September.


Photo city photographer Ghent
Photo city photographer Ghent

Co-designer Axel Enthoven has over the years built up a strong reputation in the area of public transport. One of his best-known designs is the so-called ‘diving goggle train’, which owes its nickname to the shape of the windscreen.