Scoppi, Pars Pro Toto
Scoppi is a reinvention of the classic toy spade. This durable and fully recyclable toy for playing in the sand catches the eye immediately with its cool design.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2013

Edition 2013

Scoppi (2011-2013)

Beach spade and sifter


Design  Dimitri Demartelaere

(Pars Pro Toto)


Company  Quut



66 x 17 x 3 cm

But Pars Pro Toto’s main reason for redesigning the spade was to offer an alternative to the low-quality versions that sometimes don’t survive a day at the beach. This is why it uses durable plastic and is made by gas injection. This means that the Scoppi is virtually unbreakable and can be used season after season. The toy contains none of the controversial substances, like BPA, phthalates or latex.

Scoppi, Pars Pro Toto
Scoppi, Pars Pro Toto

Scoppi is also multifunctional. Children can use their hands and feet to shift the sand on the beach. The cavity above the scoop section is a stamping point. Simply push down with your foot, no sharp or breakable edges. The two horizontal bars offer the child a good grip on the spade. The accompanying sifter clicks into the upper cavity. It can be removed with ease, meaning even more fun when building forts and castles and digging canals.