Hi-Finity, Reynaers
Hi-Finity responds beautifully to the current trend in architecture by bringing more light into the building through large glass surfaces. The notion of comfort is central to this system, despite the minimal use of material. The window has an extremely high insulation value, is very durable and exceptionally safe because the locking mechanism is incorporated at the top.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2013

Edition 2013

Hi-Finity (2013)

Minimalistic sliding window


Sliding window

design Reynaers


Handle design  Bundl


Aluminium, stainless steel,

plastic, composite

Maximum 350 x 1000 x 14,7 cm



The extremely minimal frame gives rise to immense glass surfaces. Seamless incorporation ensures that floor-to-floor glass surfaces blur the transition from inside to outside and give plenty of creative scope for the architect.

Hi-Finity, Reynaers
Hi-Finity, Reynaers

The handle is quintessentially modern. It finds the balance somewhere between minimalist presence, distinct design detail and much sought after reliability. In the closed position, the handle appears to be part of the wall. The chamfered design conceals the construction technique and, thanks to its symmetrical structure, the handle can be placed anywhere on the frame. The soft-touch and integrated operating element provide a unique experience. It takes no force to open Hi-Finity. The slightest pressure on the handle activates a motor-driven system and the window slides open itself.