Cultuur3, Pablo Hannon
Researchers at the School of Education drafted a rough document to thoroughly reform the concept of culture in education, and especially awareness, education and experience of culture. They wanted to turn it into a strong product by coming up with a concept that was robust in terms of content and form. The book was a total concept in which the designer took care of the content’s structure, sought out and briefed the writers, conceived of the title, and handled the form, design and production.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2013

Edition 2013

Cultuur3 (2012)

Inspiration guide for the

“bridge to Culture” project


Design Pablo Hannon



Company School of Education

KU Leuven


Paper (Muncken Lynx 150 g)

and linen (Balacron linen)

21,5 x 18 x 2,2 cm

The concept triptych was developed to create a book that communicates culture as it should: as a confusing journey with main roads and side roads, in which each reader can choose how he or she will reach that overall understanding of culture. Every element had to reinforce this concept.

Two colours in the colour palette command attention and reinforce the separate “concept walk”. The book is made up of three parts: idea and theory; three short stories, each of which shows a part of the culture-awareness triptych in a different light; and finally, exercises to put theory into practice.

Cultuur3, Pablo Hannon
Cultuur3, Pablo Hannon

This is a non-linear book that walks you through many lessons and home exercises and allows you to discover its various layers. The book aims to deliberately confuse and push the reader on a voyage of discovery. This is how the designer arrived at the idea of two colours to reinforce the layers of typography and division. They create order, hierarchy, distraction, disruption, contrast and tranquillity.