Crossed double seat

Crossed double seat

Double Crossed Seat, Muller Van Severen
The Crossed Double Seat is part of the furniture line designed by photographer Fien Muller and expressive artist Hannes Van Severen since 2011.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2013

Edition 2013

Crossed Double Seat (2012)



Design Muller Van Severen


Valerie Traan Edition


Non-lacquered steel and leather

72 x 120 x 93 cm


The entire furniture line has its roots in materials research. It is a line of unique, handmade, designer pieces, with minimal lines and detail, but maximum usability and care in the choice of materials.

As an intimate two-seater, the Crossed Double Seat fits in fully with Muller Van Severen’s design language. Pure lines, strong colours and materials, and an honest message.