ConsiGma CDC

ConsiGma CDC

ConsiGma CDC, Hegge
The ConsiGma CDC is the GEA Group’s latest innovation. A compact, autonomous module system, it offers an “all-in-one” production solution for the pressing of tablets. It was designed by hegge ID in collaboration with the R&D departments of GEA Courtoy (Halle) and GEA Collette (Wommelgem). The result is a compact machine that occupies little space in the workplace, connects easily to the other GEA machines, incorporates a number of pharmaceutical processes into a single system, ties in with the GEA corporate house style, and looks good too.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2013

Edition 2013

ConsiGma CDC

Tabletpress, module system


Design Frans Hegge


Company GEA Collette


Stainless steel, PMMA, glass

295 x 366 x 386 cm


The development involved monitoring good design and engineering phases, and covered in detail the ergonomic aspects for the operators, materialisation, fine adjustments of the detailing and production methods and a general follow-up of the prototype.

From the outset, it was a requirement that the module be truly modular and that the components be reusable in other devices. All ideas, concepts and technical principles were visualised during development. A 1:1 model was also made. The ConsiGma CDC was presented at Achema 2012 in Frankfurt. Production capacity at GEA Collette is 5 units a year. As many as 7 machines were ordered in 2012.