Museum In Our Street

Museum In Our Street

Museum In Onze Straat, Concrete & Pantopicon
MIOS, Museum In Our Street, is the spin-off of the social design project “Street Starters” that took place in Antwerp. The result is a tool kit that offers a platform for encouraging social cohesion on the streets.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2012

Edition 2012

Museum In Our Street

Social cohesion on the

streets in urban areas


Design  Concrete (in

association with Pantopicon)


Bedrijf  City of Antwerp and

Design Flanders


Cardboard, paper and

stickers (printed matter)

6 x 23 x 32 cm

Social cohesion in urban districts is becoming increasingly difficult because of a number of different factors. One of those is the disappearance of fundamental communications between local residents. It is not unusual to find people who live in the same street who have never spoken to each other, have no idea about the interests of their neighbours or are unable to address them by their first names. This excessive individualisation of our society combined with increasing multiculturalism does not promote social cohesion in many cases.

Museum In Our Street, Concrete & Pantopicon
Museum In Our Street, Concrete & Pantopicon

The goal of MIOS is not to provide a total solution to this social phenomenon, but to create a platform for local residents and thus encourage people-driven means of fundamental communications on the streets. As the name suggests, MIOS gives local residents all the material they need to organise a museum on their street.

The goal was to find a low-cost product that was simple to implement, with universally applicable graphics and as little text as possible.

The first edition of MIOS took place in the summer of 2012 in the Villegasstraat and the Sint Hubertusstraat in Berchem.