Beams, Studio Segers
The Beams radiator is made out of aluminium profiles with two water channels. The profiles are designed in such a way that the radiator produces optimal heat thanks to the radiated heat at the front and by the convected heat at the back.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2012

Edition 2012


Radiators combined with

bathroom accessories


Design  Wim & Bob Segers

(Studio Segers)


Company  Vasco


Powder coated aluminium,

powder coated metal

180 x 60 x 15 cm

The University of Stuttgart determined the optimal position and dimensions of the convection strips. The sides of the radiator feature profiles into which it is easy to insert and fix accessories such as a towel rail or hook. They are simple, fine geometric forms in bright colours that visually contrast with the visually powerful volume of the radiator itself.

What is special about this radiator, in addition to it providing twice as much heat comfort, is the incredibly fast and high heat emission (it contains just two litres of water compared with ten litres in a traditional radiator, and aluminium conducts heat four times better than steel); there are no heat safety issues (the hot water flows through the centre and not just below the radiator’s surface); and it is 100% recyclable.