Souffle, Am
The Souffle hat rack is a prototype/production model that is part of a pilot project aimed at producing reproducible design (furniture) with materials obtained from recycling centres within the context of the social economy.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2010

Editie 2010


Hat rack/coat hooks

Design  Miel Cardinael &

Sven Goemaere | Am


Hooks: curved beech

multiplex from recovered

base slats. Support: solid

beech, lath; various wood-

working techniques,

including CNC milling,

planing, sawing and sanding

H 22 x B 170 x D 11,5 cm


The hat rack consists of 16 hooks (recovered from used base slats) and a solid beech lath (FSC-labelled wood) that is fastened to the wall invisibly via a built-in lath.

Having the hooks gradually become more inclined in 2 directions (in relation to each other and the wall) suggests movement. This movement evokes a breeze through the grass, which was also the inspiration for this ecologically sound design.