Triplet Hawk

Triplet Hawk

Triplet Hawk, Enthoven Associates voor Swiss Axe
Swiss-Axe is a specialized wholesaler and retailer of tools for the diamond and watch making industries. The Triplet Hawk is an innovative, special loupe specifically developed at the request of Swiss-Axe for professionals in the diamond sector.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Triplet Hawk (2006|2008)

Diamand loupe


Design  Enthoven



Company  Swiss-Axe


Anodized aluminium

H24 x W43 x D27 mm (folded)

The loupe is a permanent tool for the diamond merchant, and until now its design has remained traditional. Swiss-Axe has chosen to bring its own loupe onto the market, which fits into an overall strategy of renewing the design of their product range in this rather traditional sector. The goal : to develop a unique, technically high-performing and in terms of design, distinctive loupe that combines a high-quality optical lens with an ergonomic, ultra lightweight and modern looking housing.