Play4Girls, Jaga Ontwerpstudio
The Play radiator brings you maximum colour in one radiator. The four coloured Play4Girls or Play4Boys radiators create a playful atmosphere anywhere.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Play (2007|2009)

The child-friendly

heating solution


Design  Jaga Ontwerpstudio 


Company  Jaga n.v.


Cabinet : painted MDF panels

with anodized aluminium

fittings and built-in thermostat

knob, interior : ultramodern

aluminium and copper

heat exchanger

H50 x W80 x D13 cm

You prefer clean white or sleek black ? The warm feeling remains ! Play only gives off safe warmth and creates an atmosphere at home, but also in public buildings like hospitals, nurseries, and schools... because when lots of people are together, security and happiness is simply indispensable. Its low surface temperature and wooden cabinet with rounded edges meet the strictest safety standards.