Philink, Voet & Theuns voor Ahrend
The Philink table is designed to be switched around. The user and the environment are both needed and invited to work together.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Philink (2006|2008)



Design  Jeroen Theuns

& Caroline Voet


Company  Ahrend b.v.


Varnished or lacquered

bamboo and powder

coated steel

H74 x W150 x D92 cm

From an individual workstation, landscape office, meeting room or executive office, to a café, bar, restaurant or lounge, Philink effortlessly makes every situation ‘collaborative’. The shape of the tabletop is key : three equal sides and a fourth side following the golden section. This form with an angle of 90°, introduces an opposite angle of 60°. Using this mathematical configuration, a great variety of positions and geometric patterns are possible. Each combination invites a different way of sitting together. The self-supporting tabletop in three finishes is made from giant bamboo, laminated in three layers. This makes a frame unnecessary and the legs can be mounted directly on the tabletop. The sides are bevelled, so that only the innermost layer remains visible. The legs consist of three painted steel bars that work together through tension/compression.