Oasis, Bram Boo voor Drisag Feld
Oasis is a comfortable seating system with several functions. As well as sitting or lying on it, you can also work on it, using the integrated table.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Oasis (2003/2008)

Seating elements


Design  Bram Boo


Company  Feld


Produced by 

Drisag Office Furniture


Upholstered furniture,

wooden interior, metal

reinforcement, foam

and fabric

H75 x W150 x D90 cm

This makes Oasis uniquely suitable for many locations : a loft, a public space, a hotel lobby... It comprises of four different elements : with the table left and the backrest right, with the table right and the backrest left, and with only a backrest or a loose armrest. These offer endless possibilities for playful and functional configurations. Oasis is traditionally constructed and available in different qualities of cold foam, covered with Dacron, offering optimal comfort. The whole unit is covered with fabric.