Neo, pilipili & ECL
The grinding chamber of this shredder is innovative for the fact that it is made entirely from plastic.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Neo (2007|2008)

Green shedder


Design  pilipili & Eliet

Creative Lab (ECL)


Company  Eliet Europe n.v.


High performance composite

materials (PA6 40 % GF and

Akulon), polypropylene, steel

and aluminium

H75 x W60 x D70 cm

This means that the interior could be designed to push waste faster and more efficiently through the grinding chamber. In addition, the plastic is sound absorbing. Another world innovation is the visible shredding chamber. The viewing window has many advantages : the user can safely and easily monitor the shredding process and determine whether there is a blockage or if one is about to occur, and control the condition of the cutting blades. The viewing window also serves as an access panel, making maintenance a lot easier. The Neo uses the patented axe principle, which differs significantly from the two other shredding systems currently used. The machine is foldable, has a hinged opening so that branches can be easily inserted and is the first shredder to have an integrated collection tray.