Maison 01

Maison 01

Maison 01, Maison Marie Mees & Cathérine Biasino
The Maison 01 collection transcends flat wall coverings and brings the wall to life.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Maison 01 (2007|2008)

Wall covering collection 


Design  Marie Mees &

Cathérine Biasino |

Maison Marie Mees &

Cathérine Biasino


Company  Arte n.v.


Wallpaper or vinyl on

wallpaper, screen printing

and embossing

The design involves much more than coming up with a repetitive motif in a certain colour and size. It’s about making light visible. By using relief and playing with alternating glossy and matt surfaces, the wall is transformed and constantly changes depending on light intensity and the angle from which it is observed. The use of monochrome colours ensures that these subtle nuances are not distorted and are shown to their best advantage. The design leans heavily on the world of typography, where letters only acquire a meaning in relation to other letters. Carefully nuanced hexagons and squares, vertical lines or configurations of adjacent circles, create a tension in the ‘visual field’.