Disk, Loudordesign Studio, Toss
The Disk hanging lamp is like a large disc of distantly glowing, warm golden light. Hanging above a table, Disk creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2009

Editie 2009

Disk (2007|2008)

Hanging lamp


Design  Jean-François D’Or

| Loudordesign Studio


Company  Toss B


Pressed, white lacquered

aluminium and electrical

wire in textile

Ø 60 x H10 cm

(maximum 250 cm

from the ceiling)

It unfolds above the head like an alcove, a warm cocoon of diffused light. When Disk is hung just above the ground in a living room, it creates different light intensities. A strong sweeping light spreads slowly across the floor.