Bake Porter Line

Bake Porter Line

Enthoven Associates was asked to develop a complete line of containers and serving products primarily for the American market, where it is the custom to bring homemade cakes, and biscuits etc, when visiting friends or going to parties.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2008

Editie 2008

Enthoven Associates for PrepCo (Extron International LTD)

Bakeware and Covers


Carbon steel, melamine and silicone

The use of melamine, carbon steel and silicone has created a totally new concept, which makes it possible to integrate several functions into one single product: preparation, storage, transportation and serving. The product is efficient both in terms of baking, durable enough to protect its contents during transportation, and visually attractive for presentation and serving. The baking moulds have a neutral, minimalist design that come in rectangular and circular forms, matching all American decors and tastes. The lid fitting over the cake mould can be removed and reversed, so that the mould clicks into it. This makes it a perfect presentation element and also means that the forms are stackable. The lid is equipped with separate durable silicone corners, which due to their flexibility create a tight seal between the metal baking mould and the melamine lid, but at the same time, are simple to put on and remove.