Flexity Outlook

Flexity Outlook

Enthoven Associates wanted to create an emotional link between the tram and the residents of Brussels as well as travellers.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2007

Editie 2007

Enthoven Associates for Bombardier Transportation

Tram for Brussels


For this reason, the design incorporates semantic and cultural connotations that reference the history and Art Nouveau heritage of the city. This also helps to integrate the vehicles into the characteristic cityscape. A second pillar of the design is respect for the passengers. Comfort, space utilisation, indirect lighting, and the choice of materials (including leather upholstery) indicate the importance of the passengers for the operator. Maintenance, service life and quality are assured. To combat vandalism and agressive behaviour, materials that resist damage and command respect were chosen, and attention was given to creating an elegant, pleasant atmosphere by using innovative indirect lighting, large windows, and intelligent placement of the poles. The Flexity Outlook has the highest safety level in the tram industry.