Beyondsnow Strap-In

Beyondsnow Strap-In

The Strap-in binding is a new concept to uplift the entire snowboarding world.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2007

Editie 2007

Snowboard Binding

Design: 1997-2006 and Realisation: 2007

Weight: 1.100 gram; Zytell, Hytrell, EVA, metal

The advantages are easy and quick entry, fully adjustable, safety, all boot compatible and extremely comfortable due to relief from foot pressure points. The top zone of the foot is kept free, no pressure points will harm the main sinews and keep the feet warm much longer. As a result a cap-strap feeling is created on the ankle strap. The Strap-in binding is developed and fine-tuned according to the highest standards and has been thoroughly tested in all snow conditions. Eight years of testing led to all this in one binding. It makes snowboarding not only easier and more accessible, but above all... more intense. Pieter Van Riet has been creating his own image, that will play an important role in the success of the bindings. He has chosen a clean, sport-loving style and match with the latest trends.