It was far from their ambition to be a major player in the niche market of design glasses when Patrick Hoet and Wim Somers decided to have a private eyewear product launch in 1987.

Henry van de Velde Award voor Bedrijf 2008

Editie 2008

Theo, of hoe een klein object groots kan zijn.

The collection theo, an anagram of the surname of Patrick Hoet, designer of the glasses. Wim Said however was the 'business brain' behind the company. The models are made from buffalo horn with wide beams and large glasses. They have their whole production process in Belgium, but sometimes they have to go to France. Theo serves the individualist, but only via the ' better ' optician, who can choose from a surprising mix of very brave to very eccentric models. The less conspicuous copies are often more successful and make as the realization of the more daring models.