Ben in bad - Product on the market

Ben in bad - Product on the market

Ben in bad, Bart Lens (i.s.m. Bert Steensels), voor Lambrechts, foto Andri Halfidason
Ben in bad is an exclusive bath offering optimal heat and lying comfort. Because of its design, it saves a significant amount of water and energy through amongst other things, its original form : a head and neck support like a hairdressing sink, an ergonomic back support and a shape like a ‘swimsuit’, which uses less water (95 litres instead of the average 150 to 300 litres of other baths on the market).

Ecodesign Label PRO by OVAM 2009

Edition 2009

Ben in bad

An ergonomic bath


Design  Bart Lens (together

with Ben Steensels) 


Company  Lambrechts


(255 x 165 cm)

The underside of the bath can be heated. Warm water passes between the lower and upper shell and can be connected to the central heating. In this way, the bath water stays warm and doesn’t need to be refreshed. Also, water used for hair washing is drained off so that the bath water stays cleaner for longer. The bath is made from moulded artificial marble, which at the end of its lifecycle can be crushed and remoulded for the same purpose. This material provides good insulation, so heat loss is minimized and cracks and scratches can be easily repaired.