Daily Needs - Product in development

Daily Needs - Product in development

Daily Needs
Daily Needs is a range of outdoor, modular elements. Users can set up the following products the way they want to: a chicken coop, a vegetable cultivation tray that can be covered to create
a greenhouse, a compost bin, a storage shed for garden tools, a rabbit hutch, a receptacle to collect rainwater, etc.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2013

Edition 2013

Daily Needs (2013)

Design Studio Segers

The garden range is made mostly from heat-treated pine. The products are flatpacked and the consumer assembles the parts.

Daily Needs is designed to encourage kitchen gardening and chicken rearing with the aim of changing people’s attitudes, and in doing so, lower the ecological footprint of every family.

Studio Segers receives a cash prize of 2,000 euros for their design.