Linea - Product on the market

Linea - Product on the market

Linea door kuppers&wuytens
Linea is a set of profiles from which a garden table and matching bench can be constructed. Wooden beams can be easily inserted into, adjusted in and removed from the steel profiles. The profile openings are toothed in order to grip the wood firmly.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2014 Nomination

Edition 2014


Garden table with bench


Design  kuppers&wuytens


Company  in collaboration with 



Wood (multiple options) and


Dimensions length is


Profiles: table 76 × 100 cm;

bench 46 × 50 cm 

Linea’s smart, modular construction allows both table and bench to be of any length you specify and extendible if required. This allows the user to make a table and bench of the ideal size.

Linea has the added advantage that its packaging, transport and storage occupy a minimal volume. The simple design of these profiles means the product can be locally produced.