LLEXX - Product on the market

LLEXX - Product on the market

LLEXX, Hahbo
LLEXX is a modular construction system that uses prefabricated elements. The product name LLEXX stands for Longlife, Luxurious, Ecological, fleX- ible and eXpress.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2013 Nomination

Edition 2013

LLEXX (2013)

Design Enthoven Associates


Company Hahbo

The exoskeleton of a LLEXX building consists of galvanised or powder coated steel sections and joints. The wall is constructed from standardised, double wall elements filled with thick, cellulose insulation. The external wall is covered with a heat-treated wood alternating with steel sections, which gives it a distinct design. The internal finish can be chosen to suit the needs of the user.

LLEXX can be dismantled and the components re-used as the building elements for a new project.