Beams - Product on the market

Beams - Product on the market

Beams, Studio Segers
The Beams radiators’ profiles are designed in such a way that the radiator produces optimal heat thanks to the radiated heat at the front and the convected heat at the back.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2012

Edition 2012


Aluminium radiators

with accessories


Design Wim & Bob Segers

(Studio Segers)


Company Vasco


180 x 60 x15 cm


What is special about the radiators is that the aluminium extruded profiles contain two water channels. The designers chose 100% recycled aluminium. Three important energy-saving properties were applied: the radiator uses less water, which provides a high speed response, aluminium conducts heat four times better and therefore a low water temperature is sufficient, and optimal heat is achieved by radiating heat from the front and preventing any loss of heat through the wall. Furthermore, the radiator is three times lighter than a steel one. This benefits transport, assembly and application possibilities.

Studio Segers receives a cash prize of EUR 4,000 and a trophy.

Beams, Studio Segers
Beams, Studio Segers