Collectionaire - Product on the market

Collectionaire - Product on the market

Collectionaire, Moupila
Collectionaire is a wardrobe with modular interchangeable modules made from European oak.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2012 Nomination

Edition 2012


A wardrobe with a desk

and storage function


Design  Moupila


150 x 108 x 50 cm

(when closed)/

150 x 210 x 50 cm

(when open)

This piece of furniture was created using a small amount of wood by utilising extremely fine sections for its construction. The Moupila design duo’s ultimate goal is to achieve an optimal balance between sustainable design and aesthetics. The aim is for Collectionaire to be handed down through the generations as a cherished heirloom.

Collectionaire, Moupila
Collectionaire, Moupila