These are this years categories

foto: Michel De Cock
  • COMMUNICATION AWARD: A prize for the innovative development and design of letters, packaging and printed media, and for new media or new applications of existing media that have improved and/or altered communications directed at the consumer in an original manner.
    This can include: the design of books, brochures, magazines and newspapers, announcements and posters, invitations, calendars and/or infographics, web design and websites, interfaces for appliances, apps, motion graphics and animations, illustrations, games, corporate identity, campaigns and signage.
  • EVERYDAY LIFE AWARD: A prize for digital or non-digital products, services and systems intended for private use or use in public spaces, and which improve our everyday lives or make them easier.
    This includes products that relate to how we live, work and learn, or to leisure time and mobility. Examples include furniture, floor covering, lighting, textiles and accessories for indoor and outdoor use, heating, office furniture and equipment, tools, school furniture and equipment, toys and play equipment, everything for leisure time, sports clothing and equipment, audio equipment and all equipment or devices for the transportation and carrying of people or objects.
    This could also be services or systems that help organise the everyday lives of individuals or groups of people, i.e. that simplify life and ensure that individuals or groups of people are able to find one another and can help one another through loan or sharing.
  • DESIGN-LED CRAFTS AWARD: A prize for a unique object or one produced in limited series with an exceptional design and aesthetically combined with excellent craftsmanship and innovative use of materials, intended for consumers to whom sustainability, originality, exclusiveness, aesthetics and a high-quality finish are of paramount importance.
    These objects can include items of jewellery, items that are produced by means of metalworking or silversmithing, items of furniture, ceramics, or objects made from glass, wood or textiles.
  • ECODESIGN AWARD by OVAM: A design prize for products or services which are created in accordance with the principles of eco design or have a positive effect on the environment.
    These are products or services that optimise their functionality, make use of alternative raw materials, make efficient use of materials or resources, and are produced in an efficient and sustainable manner. They have a small ecological footprint throughout each phase of their life cycle. This guarantees a long lifespan and the material from which they are made can be reused at the end of their life cycle.
  • EFFICIENCY AWARD: This award recognises the innovation or improvement thanks to which a product or service can be used or produced more efficiently, or thanks to which entirely new products, methods or services can be developed.
    These can be products to which a patent applies, such as in the past: the multifunctional pram that parents could put in numerous different positions, the original wind-proof storm umbrella, the Senseo coffee maker, or items such as a lighter travelling case or a better ventilation system, etc.
  • HEALTHCARE AWARD: A design prize for products and services that promote the physical or mental wellbeing of individual persons.
    This can include products such as medical equipment and devices, spectacles, prostheses, resources for care and rehabilitation, adjusted furniture and modes of transportation (and accessories).
    Services in this category include digital and other services that tackle issues like social or emotional isolation, that look out for or support the elderly in their own environment, guarantee safety at work places or public spaces, improve the living conditions of refugees, migrants and other groups of disadvantaged persons, and promote collaboration between various hospitals, etc.