Jo De Baerdemaeker receives the first honorary title 'New Flemish Masters in the Fine Arts'

Jo De Baerdemaeker receives the first honorary title 'New Flemish Masters in the Fine Arts'. Photo: Michael de Lausnay

First honorary title ‘New Flemish Masters in the Fine Arts’ for typeface designer Jo De Baerdemaeker. Awarded by the Minister of Culture from Flanders Sven Gatz at the Henry van de Velde Awards in Bozar, January 19, 2017.

The honorary title ‘New Flemish Masters’ is the highest recognition for internationally renowned Masterly Craftsmanship from Flanders. The honorary titles are granted in 10 categories (fine arts, science, food, sports, ..) to he or she who has reached the status of true ‘Mastership’.

The first honorary title ‘New Flemish Masters’ in the category ‘Fine Arts’ goes to Dr Jo De Baerdemaeker, an independent typeface designer and post-doctoral researcher, born and living in Antwerp, Flanders.

He holds an MA in Typeface Design, and was awarded a PhD from the University of Reading. His specialises in designing, researching and writing about world script typefaces (particularly on Tibetan, Lantsa, Mongolian and Javanese) and multilingual typography.

He is elected member of the ATypI Board of Directors, & ATypI Country Delegate for Belgium, and currently teaches at LUCA School of Arts (campus Sint-Lukas Brussels), at the Plantin Institute of Typography (Antwerp), and at the European Lettering Institute (Bruges).

In 2012 he founded Studio Type in Antwerp (Belgium), and collaborates with international design agencies and type foundries.

He was the external examiner for TypeMedia 2014 department at KABK in Den Haag.

Clients: International type foundries, software companies, and (inter)national design studio's, such as: Tiro Typeworks, Microsoft, Monotype, Google, New York Times, Dalton Maag, WIELS, Nottingham Contemporary, Sara De Bondt, City of Antwerp, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Branding Today, Museum Plantin-Moretus, The University of Reading, and The Government of Flanders (Flanders Art typeface).

The first honorary title ‘New Flemish Masters in Science’ was awarded at the end of 2016 by the Minister-President of Flanders Geert Bourgeois to Prof. Dr. Ir. Koenraad Debackere, managing director of the KU Leuven Research & Development. KU Leuven Research & Development is the European number one in technology transfer and precedes the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

The honorary title ‘New Flemish Masters ‘ is an initiative from Flanders Trust. Flanders Trust is a private organization dedicated to tell the unique story of “Masterly Craftsmanship from Flanders - yesterday, today and tomorrow”, in a modern and appealing way, to a wide audience. Flanders Trust brings Masterful Craftsmanship from Flanders to life, initially through the issuance of honorary titles, called ‘New Flemish Masters'.

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