The Henry van de Velde Labels turn into Awards!

HVDV Labels worden Awards

The Henry van de Velde Awards are to take on a new meaning.

The traditional Awards for Lifetime Achievement, Company and Young Talent will stay as they are, as will the Public Prize, but a decade after their introduction the Henry van de Velde Labels are to take on a new meaning.

The Henry van de Velde Labels were first issued in 2006, and the Label was soon coveted by designers and design companies. Over the years, 124 products and services have received the international quality label, which stood as a mark of excellence in design and development.

Once again the Henry van de Velde Labels will simply be Awards, and they will be issued for products, projects and services which address topical issues (in part or in full) through their design methodology or attitude. This brings us in line with the latest developments in design and we now aim to sharpen our focus on the value and impact of design on our economy and society, and the climate, today and in the future.

This we will do by raising questions, detecting problems and conflict situations and then showcasing, honouring or contextualising the best and most inspiring (partial or overall) design solutions found. These Awards show how design can make a difference, how it contributes to economic growth and brings about a better and more philanthropic world. With this new meaning we hope to inspire our society and industry and encourage the logical application of design and design thinking.


How will we do it?

The Henry van de Velde Awards cover all areas of design.

We have identified eight categories, and these are listed under article 6.4 of the rules governing the Henry van de Velde Awards 16. We are not just looking for global solutions here. Any project, product, service or system qualifies for a nomination if it presents a meaningful answer to some aspect of the issue in question. Our assessments will continue to focus on form, function and value creation at the economic, social/societal and/or ecological level.

No more than 3 design solutions will be nominated in each category. A maximum of 27, in other words. The nominees will be introduced to the public 2 months prior to the awards ceremony and the members of the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite project as of that point. Starting with the present edition, the Public Prize will be announced at the ceremony on 19 January 2017.


Henry van de Velde Award 16 OVAM Ecodesign PRO

The OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO is a separate Henry van de Velde Award and continues to enjoy support from OVAM. Candidates for this Award are now invited to enter online by completing the Henry van de Velde Awards participation form at As of now, the three nominees for the OVAM Ecodesign PRO category may therefore also compete for the Public Prize. The projects must have been placed on the market at the time of entry.



All terms and conditions for participation are included in the rules.
Candidates are invited to enter online at
Entries cannot be accepted after Wednesday, 15 June 2016.

The selection procedure has two rounds. The first round will take place on Monday, 4 July 2016. On 16 June 2016 the entries will be available to the members of the jury, who will be able to view and assess them online. The results of the online assessment will be evaluated on Monday, 4 July 2016 at the meeting of the jury at Design Flanders head office.

The second selection round will be held on Monday, 22 August 2016 and will involve the actual products, projects or services nominated in the first round. More detailed documentation may be requested in relation to intangible or spatial projects, if necessary.
One or more products, projects or services can be entered.


Why you really should participate

A Henry van de Velde Award or Nomination brings good design within the wider sphere of interest and contributes to growing confidence among manufacturers, retailers, the media and interested buyers.

An Award or Nomination adds to the international image and allure of the designers and manufacturers themselves. The Henry van de Velde Awards have an international reputation, and for this reason an Award or Nomination is an excellent way to increase the opportunities for export.

It also encourages designers to keep giving their best and has a definite, positive effect on the commitment of all who work at the company, bureau or organisation.

The designers and companies are free to use the distinction of the Henry van de Velde Award 16 Winner or Henry van de Velde Award 16 Nominee logo in all their communication. These logos will be depicted and described in detail on the website


We will moreover bring the entire design industry together for an annual event on 19 January 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Centre for Fine Arts, BOZAR, the most prestigious venue in Brussels at which culture and economy meet.

The nominees are presented and the Awards officially issued among huge interest from the media in the presence of heads of business, designers, policy makers, design experts and enthusiasts, as well as other interested parties. The winning and nominated projects then enjoy a platform for several weeks after the event and are described in detail in a widely promoted, bilingual, Dutch-English publication. On top of that, all nominees have a chance of winning the Henry van de Velde Public Award 16.


For more information

Inge Vranken - Coordinator of the Henry van de Velde Awards 16
Press: Bie Luyssaert - communicator manager Design