Communication tool for elderly


Name of designer(s)
Kristel Van Ael
Bart Verleije
Nico Potvin
Roel Verbeeck
Bernhard De Paepe
Hans Kan
Emma Oris
Name of agency
Hybrio (ontwerperscollectief)
Name of company
Zyzo nv
24 x 19 x 15 cm
ABS, electronica, software
Spuitgieten, electronica & touchscreen, custom software + apps (iOS & Android)

in the category

Consumer Award 2020

A quest for a useful product to help elderly to live longer independently, resulted in Zyzo. Research shows us that elderly especially need more contact with family, children and grandchildren and that they want more control over their day. Zyzo wants to be a solution for these two problems.

Zyzo is a new social (familiar) network that is designed especially for elderly (80+) who can’t really work with smartphones and tries to connect them faster with their children and grandchildren. Via the Zyzo’s mobile app family members send pictures and video messages to the Zyzo device. You can also send appointments and reminders with the app. Zyzo is initially regarded as familiar, social network, but can also be deployed in the health sector, for example with elderly with dementia or disabled elderly. In this context, health care professionals can communicate via Zyzo, which makes their work more pleasant and efficient.

Developing this concept they aimed for simplicity in use. Zyzo is easy to use: plug in, connect with the mobile app and you can start. Moreover Zyzo is ad-free and collects no data. Your personal information, pictures and memo’s are a hundred percent safe with Zyzo. Simplicity is also in hardware and interface design: sleek, stylish but also recognizable design for the zyzo device, and an intuitive graphical user interface for the mobile apps (free to download in the App stores).

The technical architect of the product is designed in a way Zyzo can evolve into a “carehub” at home, where you can connect with other intelligent devices (fall detection, intercom, smart door locks, etc..). Because the software in the device is totally developed in house, Zyzo can connect through API’s with other health care platforms.