StandUp Nomad

A height-adjustable standing table, Henri Verheughe & Mathias Ellegiers for Jaswig bvba


Name of agency
Jaswig BVBA
Name of designer(s)
Henri Verheughe and Mathias Ellegiers
Name of company
Jaswig BVBA
(93-122) x 80 x 55
berk multiplex 18mm

Nominated for

Better Health

The StandUp Nomad is a height-adjustable standing table which can be adjusted manually to ensure that every user is able to stand and work at it in the most ergonomic way, without having to bend over (i.e. with the table top at elbow height).

Scientists are unanimous in their view that sitting down for long periods is detrimental to health. With its StandUp Nomad, Jaswig is looking to change people’s sitting habits. The standing table is being manufactured with the help of CNC technology, meaning that the furniture can be produced locally and thus no worldwide transport system is required.

Jaswig started life as a group of friends: Samuel Rieder, Nick Cornille, John-Morgan Galeyn, Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens, Mathias Ellegiers and Henri Verheughe. Each of them noticed that they were spending far too much time sitting down when studying and working.

They decided to set up Jaswig to do something about it. By performing daily tasks such as answering emails, holding short meetings, making telephone calls and so forth standing up, we automatically spend an hour or two less each day sitting down. Scientific studies have shown that this improves health and makes people more active, and also boosts productivity and enhances individuals’ mental health.

In 2015, Jaswig submitted a proposal for a master’s thesis to the University of Ghent’s Department for Movement and Sports Science. The thesis is ongoing and is researching the activity levels (e.g. fatigue, performance, etc.) of students to whom classes are delivered standing up. Through this research Jaswig hopes to be able to determine whether there is any further scientific evidence for its initial observation.