Self-adhesive, transparent window fabric, Philippe Lampe & Thibaut Lampe for Lampe_textiles


Name of designer(s)
Philippe (vader) Lampe
Thibaut (zoon) Lampe
Name of agency
Name of company
130 cm breed (tot 10m lang)
Geweven polyester doek voorzien van een slimme lijmstof

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Squid® is a newly patented window treatment produced by the Belgian family company Lampe_textiles. Squid® is a self-adhesive, transparent fabric which can be affixed to your windows quickly and easily without the need for any mounting system.

The fabric is woven from polyester thread, and is available in five different colours on rolls 130-cm wide.

Squid® is a transparent fabric enabling you to see out of your windows during the daytime, but making it very difficult for those outside to see in, thus safeguarding your privacy.

The fabric is simple to install. Clean the window, attach the fabric to the glass, then cut it to fit. What’s more, it’s a snap to remove the fabric from the window without leaving behind any permanent adhesive residue. On top of that, the fabric can be reapplied multiple times.

Squid doesn’t get dirty quickly. Should it accumulate dust, however, wipe the dust off with a damp microfiber cloth; use a vacuum-cleaner brush is also perfectly feasible.

Squid works perfectly on windows in damp environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and so forth thanks to the unique composition of the glue it uses and its antifungal treatment.

Squid is incredibly easy to install, and is also 50% cheaper than other high-cost alternatives (e.g. roller blinds, etc.). It also blocks the sun’s heat and reduces irritating glare on screens.