N° 0

Outdoor seating furniture.


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Luc Bossuyt
Name of company
48 cm x 68 cm x 40 cm
Ultra hogesterkte vezelbeton (DUCTAL®).
Gieten in mal.
By hand

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Habitat Award

Luc Bossuyt wanted to design aesthetic and feel-good outdoor and urban furniture to cheer up the living environment with comfort, aesthetics and colour, in an authentic and sustainable material. For a long time he searched via google for the material with which he wanted to do this. It had to be mouldable, sturdy and resistant to wind and weather. After a long search, he came across the innovative ultra-high strength fibre concrete: Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) from DUCTAL®. Once having found this material, Bossuyt started designing. The stool N° 0 is the first result and exists in various subtle pastel colours. It has a soft satinised surface. To achieve this, the stool is polished several times

But first a prototype has to be made and then, based on this, a mould in which the concrete is poured. The whole creative, hands-on process is a huge challenge because it involves working with a wide range of materials and techniques, and the slightest detail that is overlooked or misjudged can be fatal.

For the time being he is still making them all himself.