concrete urnes and headstones, Axel Enthoven for Memory Stone


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Name of designer(s)
Axel Enthoven
Name of company
70 × 55 × H25 cm or 140 × 78.5 × H30cm or 180 × 78.5 × H30cm
Lichtgewicht beton
De lichtgewicht betonnen urnen en grafstenen zijn speciaal voor Memory Stone ontwikkeld door een groep betonspecialisten.
Partly by hand, partly industrial

Nominated for

Feel Good

The Memory Stone models are available in 3 sizes of headstones and 2 urn stones. Each model is available in 3 colours: pebble white, gray and anthracite.

The Memory Stone designs are made of lightweight concrete. The lightweight concrete urns and headstones have been developed specially for Memory Stone by a group of concrete specialists.

Axel Enthoven:

"I do not know whether designing a headstone is enjoyable for a designer, but it is certainly fascinating, and when it leads to a rational solution, it is all the better. If your design ultimately turns out to be self-cleaning and maintenance friendly, simple and easy to place, and solid and stable; if it looks simple and natural; and if it fits in all environments whilst being timeless; then you have made a major step forward.

From the emotional side, it must be a wink to those you have to leave behind. Simple and pure in form as a symbol of deserved rest. Modest but present, iconic without conceit. Inspired by nature and designed with respect."