IXZO! - Innovative learning platform


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Knight Moves designteam
GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse gemeenschap
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pedagogische begeleidingsdienst van GO!
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Knight Moves
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GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse gemeenschap

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Collaborative Award 2020

GO IXZO! is a learning platform for schools who try to pursue a student oriented approach. For GO! this is an important element to co-create with the whole network to become a new vision on learning: Personalized Learning all Together.

This means that there will be more autonomy for the students. Teachers will be supported to use their time more efficiently for students who need it. They can work more as coaches both with groups and with individuals because they will have more time and because of the supporting data and feedback.

Learning material from various sources can also be reused or assembled in another way, it depends on what’s needed. Evaluation is always part of the learning plan purposes.GO! IXZO! preserves and combines the results to make sure teachers have always clear insight on the progression of the student, without changing the learning plan.

Schools can innovate but there’s also scope and flexibility to enable a large pedagogical repertoire. The GO! doesn’t want to discard the old manner of learning, but they want to build bridges between traditional and innovating education.

During the design and implementation process, students, teachers and school policy makers were working together. Throughout the whole trajectory a few pilot schools were closely involved. Students and teachers became part of the design team. They actively participated in co-creation workshops, demo sessions and feedback moments to have IXZO! anticipate their own needs.

The result is a combination between: making effective use of the classroom, a new way of teaching and a digital tool that supports everything. Students and teachers say that the instrument is a real change in mentality and behaviour (consciousness, purposefulness, motivation). Also on the level of policy a cultural change took place.