The Island of the colorblind


Name of agency
Tim Bisschop
Name of designer(s)
Tim Bisschop
Name of company
Uitgeverij Hannibal
28 x 22,5 cm x 1,5 cm dik
UV-vernis op de cover, zilverpapier en transparante papieren in het binnenwerk

in the category

Graphic & Packaging Award

‘Colour’ is nothing more than a word for those who cannot see colours. How do the islanders see the trees, the sea and themselves? How should we see the world through their eyes?

Artist and photographer Sanne De Wilde (1987) portrays the mythical island of Pingelap and its inhabitants who suffer from achromatopsia, experimenting with black-and-white and infrared photography. The result is a stunning and surreal series of images in which flames flicker in black and white, trees have turned pink and a rainbow contains a thousand shades of grey.

In this book, the viewer is invited to enter a dream world full of colourful possibilities, which is reflected in the use of different types of paper

and printing inks, a fan of colours and a cover that changes colour when held in the sun.