INGA Wellbeing

Clothing for patients, Fiona McGreal (INGA Wellbeing) for INGA Wellbeing


Name of designer(s)
Fiona Mc Greal
Name of agency
In-house designer
Name of company
Alsico - Manufacturer of INGA Wellbeing
Not applicable
blends of cotton, viscose, tencel and polyester (polyester only used in industrially laundarable collection)
Not applicable

Nominated for

Better Health

Inga Wellbeing is a collection of practical, comfortable yet stylish and attractive clothing for hospital patients. The collection includes smocks, pullovers, dresses, trousers and pyjamas all featuring discreet openings for drains or panels which can be removed easily for routine medical examinations to be performed or to administer treatment. In contrast to the somewhat stigmatising operating gowns currently used, Inga Wellbeing clothing enables patients to maintain complete dignity. They can continue to wear it while being examined or undergoing treatment and without having to be partially or fully undressed by nursing staff, which can be an extremely humiliating and unpleasant experience. Neither do patients need to feel embarrassed in the company of others. The garments are made of natural, soft stretch fabrics. There is no doubt that patients’ feeling of wellbeing positively impacts both their mental and physical recovery.

The Inga Wellbeing range of hospital clothing can be used in all situations and is suitable for patients at every stage of their treatment. The garments are produced by a market leader in hospital clothing which is fully behind the concept and is using all its knowledge, contacts and production capacity to drive the idea forward.

Many medical professionals have also expressed their support for the project. On 25 May 2016 it won the ProF Award for best European innovation in a medical care setting at Ghent University for the second time. Looking ahead, the aim is ultimately to be able to integrate smart- and nanotechnology into the clothing. In this respect, by the autumn a locator device and alarm will likely have been integrated into garments for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

In association with Gysemans Clothing Industry, Innovatie Centrum, Alsico, Philippe Buck, Solvay, Jacques Peeters, Jules Bordet Institute, PRoF Award 2016 (Ghent University) and Bourse de Préactivité (Wallonia).