Brazier for fruit plantations, Boonen Design Studio (Frédéric Boonen) for Haspenwood


Name of designer(s)
Frédéric Boonen
Name of agency
Boonen Design Studio
Name of company
apple wood, paraffin, cardboard
shred, mix and compress
By hand

Nominated for


To raise the temperature on fruit plantations during the winter, tins of burning paraffin are used to prevent buds on fruit trees from freezing. Once the paraffin has burned out, the empty tins need to be collected. Bart Dooms from Haspenwood asked Frédéric Boonen to design a brazier that would combust completely but that was also efficient. Frédéric came up with the idea of the Haspencube using the raw material apple wood which is abundantly available in the region.

Mixing the apple wood and paraffin produces a product which combusts completely, thereby eliminating clean-up. The braziers are cube-shaped to enable them to be produced, stacked and handled out on the plantation. The mould is filled and compressed by hand. A hole in the centre of the brazier ensures airflow, while the grey cardboard wrapping around the brazier prevents it from disintegrating, protects it against moisture and encourages better, more robust combustion. All braziers are stacked efficiently onto a euro pallet.