The EMC (Electronic Meter Connect)

Electronic measuring device for forest management


Name of designer(s)
Maxime Szyf
Pieter Martin
Hugo Smid
Name of agency
Yellow Window
Name of company
5 x 10 x 11cm
Kunststofinjectie, tamponprint

in the category

Business Innovation Award 2020

The Timbtrack EMC (Electronic Meter Connect) is an electronic indicator with a cable and a gps localization, sending digitally the measured data of trees in the wood to a platform for the organization of forestry operators. The EMC provides an easy, quick and accurate measurement of trees, sometimes in difficult circumstances. It also avoids potential mistakes in entering the data, like entering the species, the height, conicity of the tree (related to the species), and per parcel of land: the location, code, owner, date of plantation.. Thanks to EMC this information is localized to get more control over the field studies and a more concrete overview over the parcels in forestry. With the Timbtrack-platform the forester gets a global overview of the whole forest. Timbtrack developed several modules and so the management of forestry is automated and directly, which saves a lot of time. This product is innovative as a new device in the product range. The added value are the following features: EMC is perfectly connectable to the Timbtrack platform (connected products), ensures savings of time of measurement and processing data, has an ergonomic shape for long-term and intuitive use, is resistant against water and dust, it’s repairable and it has open configuration-settings.