Colli-Pee® is a patented, CE-marked and FDA-listed sampling device suited for standardized and guaranteed collection of first-void urine (first 20ml of the urine flow) allowing improved detection of infectious diseases like sexually transmitted infections and early stage cancer, e.g. prostate cancer. It's designed by Voxdale for Novosanis NV.


Name of agency
Name of designer(s)
Kristof Sorgeloos, et al
Name of company
Novosanis NV
16 x 15 x 4 cm

Nominated for

Healthcare Award

The Colli-Pee design has been created through a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Design and Engineering Agency Voxdale and the medical device company Novosanis. Both are Flemish companies based in the Antwerp region. The collaboration formed the basis of an industrial, contemporary smart mechanical design, engineered for upscaling (injection moulding), and composed of a High Clarity PP co-polymer which is highly suited for recycling not requiring dismantling.

Apart from its sleek design, the device has been optimized for manufacturing (DFA), as it is assembled in seconds in the Novosanis Class D clean room, under ISO13485 conditions. Colli-Pee allows for a highly concentrated first void (first catch) urine sample which contains richer amounts of DNA, RNA and proteins which improves the accuracy of diagnostic tests. The device is easy to use as it requires the user only to screw the collector tube onto the housing of the device and to start urinating. No need to stop urinating as the smart mechanical design will ensure the floater will move up once the collector tube is filled allowing the remainder of the urine to go through the outlet into the toilet.

The device and its design offer a user-friendly, non-invasive self-sampling solution which is responding to point of care and home sampling evolutions. This is a fundamental and important trend seen in healthcare.

User-centered design has been implemented from the start of the project. Potential users were asked for their feedback both via questionnaires and focus interviews. Important usability feedback was received through the WHO (World Health Organization) that used the device in developing countries for assessing the impact of vaccination against Human Papilloma virus, causing cervical cancer. Recently, collaborations with living labs Happy Ageing (Belgium) and EIZT (the Netherlands) have been set-up to further improve the Colli-Pee design and usability according to user needs.