Belun Ring

Pulsoximeter to measure sleep quality


Name of agency
Studio Dott.
Name of designer(s)
team Studio Dott.
Name of company
Belun Technology Company Ltd
135 x 58 x 64 mm

in the category

Health & Wellbeing Award

The Belun ring is a non-invasive solution that monitors the sleep quality of its user. It analyses the amount of oxygen in your blood, your stress level, and provides a picture of the different phases in your sleep. An important target group is formed by those people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSAS).

The ring does its measuring at a specific point on the index finger. The challenge was to keep the sensor in place without compromising the user’s comfort. The ring has special small legs that prevent it from turning around on its axis. Because not everyone has the same fingers, the ring is available in six sizes.

The data that the ring collects during the night can be read out on an accompanying docking station. You are not restricted to only using the device at home. The docking station also functions as a handy storage box which you can take with you anywhere.

In order to avoid stigmas, typical medical styling has not been used. Instead the product is black and has an elegant, pure shape. The shiny surface of the ring is a subtle reference to a gemstone.

Belun Ring was honoured during the last edition of the Red Dot Awards in June.